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101 Audrey's ashes were buried in the same plot as Hilda Mathieson in Te Aroha on 6th Oct 1998, but some family members were unhappy with this decision and had her ashes disinterred from the grave and her ashes were finally buried in Waikumete Cemetery in Auckland ROYCROFT, Audrey Margaret (I1207)
102 Australia Birth Index, 1788-1922 Registration number 35104/1890 Victoria MOLLOY, James (I1095)
103 Australia Death Index, 1787-1985 Registration number 3230/1891 Victora MOLLOY, James (I1095)
104 Awarded British Empire Medal, Merchant Navy and Royal Navy 21 Dec 1943, London, England VALENTINE, John William (I2678)
105 AYRES, Anna M. - at Riverbend Place, 650 Coronation Blvd, Cambridge formerly of Doon, Ontario on Saturday, August 22nd, 1992 in her 91st year. Anna M. Wilfong wife of the late George J. Ayres (1989). Dear mother of Ethel Ayres of Foxcroft, Maine, U.S.A., Jane and her husband William E. Meyers of Clinton, Ontario, James and his wife Anna May of Port Hope, Ontario. Loving grandmother of eight grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren. Also surviving are one brother Reginald Wilfong of Saskatchewan, two sisters Mrs. Nellie Speatzel of Waterloo, and Doris and her husband Russell Tilt of Richmond Hill, Ontario. Predeceased by three brothers and three sisters. Mrs. Anna M. Ayres was born in Doon and lived most of her life in the area, a retired school teacher, and oldest member of the Doon Presbyterian Church. The family will receive friends at the Doon Presbyterian Church, Tuesday, August 25th, 1992 from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m., where the funeral service will be conducted at 7:30 p.m. Rev. M. Molengraff officiating. Interment in Doon Cemetery. As expressions of sympathy donations to the Doon Presbyterian Church Building Fund would be appreciated by the family WILFONG, Anna May (I2334)
106 BB-N-069 RASMUSSEN, Vincent (I2816)
107 BC Archives has Daisy born on 27 Jan 1891, her headstone has her born in 1898 BOWYER, Daisy (I923)
108 BDM NZ Record 1856/856 Family F102
109 BDM NZ Record Number: 1881/10322 ALLEN, George Henry (I1434)
110 BDM NZ Record: 1857/4196 AUSTIN, Mary Anne (I74)
111 BDM NZ Record: 1860/8143 BAIGENT, Mary Ann (I325)
112 BDM NZ Record: 1861/12751 AUSTIN, Laura Jane (I89)
113 BDM NZ Record: 1863/6603, Note that Thomas's surname has been misspelt as Tunnycliff Family F360
114 BDM NZ Record: 1863/9702 AUSTIN, Georgina (I16)
115 BDM NZ Record: 1865/10707 Name registered as Fanny AUSTIN, Frances Hannah (I90)
116 BDM NZ Record: 1867/19147 AUSTIN, Albert (I91)
117 BDM NZ Record: 1874/26434 AUSTIN, William Arthur (I340)
118 BDM NZ Record: 1876/14400, Note recorded birth name is Louis Francis BATT, Louisa Frances Margaret (I415)
119 BDM NZ Record: 1876/16552 Record shows middle name as Ellen AUSTIN, Elizabeth Helen (I47)
120 BDM NZ Record: 1876/5006, Note Recorded Given names are Mary Elisa June BARRON, Mary Eliza Jane (I424)
121 BDM NZ Record: 1878/16549 AUSTIN, Louisa Margaret (I40)
122 BDM NZ Record: 1879/3175 Family F106
123 BDM NZ Record: 1881/18294 AUSTIN, Charles Herbert (I142)
124 BDM NZ Record: 1883/1340 AUSTIN, Charles Herbert (I142)
125 BDM NZ Record: 1884/18045 AUSTIN, Henry James (I39)
126 BDM NZ Record: 1885/6374 BARNES, Florence Gertrude (I42)
127 BDM NZ Record: 1888/2241 AUSTIN, Georgina (I16)
128 BDM NZ Record: 1891/1402 BELL, Edward William (I286)
129 BDM NZ Record: 1892/11904 BELL, George Franklyn (I285)
130 BDM NZ Record: 1893/16850 BAKER, Eric Henry (I333)
131 BDM NZ Record: 1893/5352, Note that the record shows McDonald as his last middle name BECK, Joseph Albert Alexander McDonald (I1098)
132 BDM NZ Record: 1894/2819 AUSTIN, Mary Anne (I74)
133 BDM NZ Record: 1894/515 Surname registered as Tunnicliff TUNNICLIFF, Leopold Guy (I67)
134 BDM NZ Record: 1895/1390 Family F131
135 BDM NZ Record: 1895/18368 BELL, Catherine Wilson (I264)
136 BDM NZ Record: 1896/1800 Family F134
137 BDM NZ Record: 1898/2085 Family F124
138 BDM NZ Record: 1898/5126 AUSTIN, William Arthur (I340)
139 BDM NZ Record: 1899/13086 ROE, Sophia Ivy (I253)
140 BDM NZ Record: 1899/1749 Family F69
141 BDM NZ Record: 1900/62 BATT, Alice Haven (I1467)
142 BDM NZ Record: 1900/6973 ROE, Elizabeth Doris (I614)
143 BDM NZ Record: 1900/8200 BATT, Alice Haven (I1467)
144 BDM NZ Record: 1901/11912 ROE, Thomas Herbert (I203)
145 BDM NZ Record: 1901/2825, Note that the name Evelyn is missing on the birth record BELL, Evelyn Anna (I284)
146 BDM NZ Record: 1901/6625 BATT, Margaret Haven (I1468)
147 BDM NZ Record: 1903/3101 ROE, Richard Norman (I616)
148 BDM NZ Record: 1903/6964 BELL, Stanley Frederick (I283)
149 BDM NZ Record: 1904/17995 AMER, Dorothy Annie (I316)
150 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I86)

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