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2251 Thomas served in World War I. Serial No. 40983, Private; Occupation before Enlistment Horsedriver; Next of Kin W. Molloy (father), Gummie?s Bush, via Riverton, Southland, NZ; New Zealand Expeditionary Force, 22nd Reinforcements Otago Infantry Regiment, D Company;
Embarkation Date 16 February 1917; Place of Embarkation Wellington, NZ; Transport HMNZT 76, Vessel Aparima; Destination Plymouth, England; Nominal Roll Number 55, Page on Nominal Roll 14 (Cenotaph database).
At his attestation on 6 November, 1916 he was listed as a horse driver and his previous employer was given as James Butler, Flaxmiller, Orawia. He disembarked at Davenport on 2 May, 1917 and was transferred to Sling Camp. He was transported to France and on 8 July, 1917 he was marched into camp at Etaples, joining 8th Company in the field on 25 July. He was taken to No. 3 N.Z. Field Ambulance on 22 August, then to No. 1 N.Z. Field Ambulance on 24 August and diagnosed with trench fever. After transfer to No. 2 Australian General Hospital, Wimereux on the 26th he was shipped to England on 1 September. Thomas was admitted to No. 2 N.Z. General Hospital on 5 September and was pronounced unfit on 9 February, 1918 (mustard gas poisoning). He was returned to New Zealand on S.S. Maunganui on 13 February (military records).
Returning Soldiers. ? Draft 148 ? Molloy, Thos. H., Riverton (Otago Daily Times, Issue 17262, 14 March 1918, Page 4).
He was discharged on 9 August, 1918 (military records).
MOLLOY, Thomas Haven (I297)
2252 Thomas was at Gummies Bush at the time of his father?s death in 1942 (father?s obituary ? vide infra).  MOLLOY, Thomas William (I21)
2253 Thomas's will and probates are held in the Dunedin office of New Zealand Archives - Molloy Thomas Haven - Gummies Bush - Retired Farmer (R22092373). Muriel's are likewise - Molloy Muriel Winnifred - Taramoa - Widow (R22092859).  MOLLOY, Thomas Haven (I297)
2254 Thomas?s will and probates are in the Wellington office of New Zealand Archives (McSoriley Thomas Charles {R23014036}).  MCSORILEY, Thomas Charles (I728)
2255 Two quotes from Records of Early Riverton and District, Centenary Celebrations, Riverton N.Z., 1837-1937:
We come now to one of the originally largest of our island bushes, namely, Stevens? Bush. ?
George Stevens, after whom the bush was named, held a large area, including much bush. He called his property Burlington. On the lower part of it Hugh Molloy and his wife resided as employees of Stevens. Their descendants are a numerous clan in various parts of Southland (page 122).
For years Hugh Molloy and his wife, who was Mrs Valli?s sister, resided on the Valli farm. They had many sons and two daughters. Valli and Molloy and their sons became experts in sheepshearing operations and used to make annual trips ?up-country? to the sheep stations. The Molloy parents and their growing young people had several changes of residence. Their descendants are very numerous, and the name Molloy is widely known in Southland (page 124) 
MOLLOY, Hugh (I394)
2256 VIC BDM Record: 1081/1881 Family F895
2257 VIC BDM Record: 1179/1886 HOLDEN, Hezekiah (I1038)
2258 VIC BDM Record: 13113/1896 HOLDEN, Priscilla (I2808)
2259 VIC BDM Record: 1408/1901 WICKENDEN, Mary (I235)
2260 VIC BDM Record: 14155/1920 BAGNALL, Caroline (I2802)
2261 VIC BDM Record: 16202/1892 MOLLOY, Margaret Elizabeth (I1094)
2262 VIC BDM Record: 1726/1860 Family F897
2263 VIC BDM Record: 17419/1859 HOLDEN, Elizabeth Caroline (I2803)
2264 VIC BDM Record: 17822/1860 HOLDEN, Mary Ann (I2804)
2265 VIC BDM Record: 1821/1867 HOLDEN, Priscilla (I2808)
2266 VIC BDM Record: 18647/1888 MOLLOY, Catherine Mary (I1096)
2267 VIC BDM Record: 1952/1869 WHITE, William (I2811)
2268 VIC BDM Record: 21958/1943 HOLDEN, Helen (I2805)
2269 VIC BDM Record: 23067/1942 HOLDEN, Mark (I2798)
2270 VIC BDM Record: 23070/1942 WHITE, William (I2811)
2271 VIC BDM Record: 24986/1964 HOLDEN, Alice Maude (I2800)
2272 VIC BDM Record: 25599/1886 HOLDEN, Alice Maude (I2800)
2273 VIC BDM Record: 28221/1894 MOLLOY, Elizabeth Agnes (I1097)
2274 VIC BDM Record: 3826/1873 HOLDEN, Ernest Mathew (I2799)
2275 VIC BDM Record: 3933/1879 Family F894
2276 VIC BDM Record: 3997/1881 Family F892
2277 VIC BDM Record: 401/1859
Family F893
2278 VIC BDM Record: 4567/1857 MAYS, Charlotte (I2801)
2279 VIC BDM Record: 5235/1927 MAYS, Charlotte (I2801)
2280 VIC BDM Record: 5286/1902 HOLDEN, Mary Ann (I2804)
2281 VIC BDM Record: 5572/1860 HOLDEN, Ernest Mathew (I2799)
2282 VIC BDM Record: 5612/1894 HOLDEN, George (I1045)
2283 VIC BDM Record: 5614/1894 HOLDEN, George (I2806)
2284 VIC BDM Record: 7580/1863 HOLDEN, George (I2806)
2285 VIC BDM Record: 7887/1862 HOLDEN, Helen (I2805)
2286 VIC BDM Record: 8209/1865 HOLDEN, Mark (I2807)
2287 VIC BDM Record: 8424/1884 MEAGHER, Catherine (I2813)
2288 VIC BDM Record: 8448/1904 HOLDEN, Mark (I2807)
2289 VIC BDM Record: 8764/1857 HOLDEN, Mark (I2798)
2290 Victoria BDM Record 17036/1890 MCFEELY, William Denis (I2092)
2291 Victoria BDM Record 9994/1893 MOLLOY, Catherine (I419)
2292 Victoria BDM Record: 15051/1889 MCFEELY, William Denis (I2092)
2293 Victoria BDM Record: 22460/1893 MCFEELY, Catherine (I2091)
2294 WA BDM Record: 1502/1904
Denis's death record has his name spelt as McFeeley 
MCFEELY, Denis Lewison (I420)
2295 WA BDM Record: 207/1962 PETERSON, Margaret Ann (I2110)
2296 WA BDM Record: 234/1914
Birth Registered in the Wellington District 
ATKINS, Dorothy Rose (I2124)
2297 WA BDM Record: 30/1912 MOLLOY, Kathleen Barbara (I2111)
2298 WA BDM Record: 66/1914
Birth Registered in the Murchison District 
MOLLOY, Hugh George Patrick (I2112)
2299 WA BDM Record: 7/1923 MOLLOY, Hugh (I421)
2300 Wallace County Council. ? Commissioner of crown Lands, Invercargill, wrote in reference to drain through Mr W. Hamlin's property, and advised same would be attended to when lower owner brought up fall. As a traction engine was needed to take out some willows applicant asked that the matter be held over till the Spring. Clerk advised that T. H. Molloy, lower owner, had been notified (Otautau Standard and Wallace County Chronicle, Volume XXIV, Issue 1176, 19 June 1928, Page 1).
Wallace County. ? N. C. Kensington, Commissioner of Crown Lands, wrote enclosing particulars of levels and tracings showing the action of the tide on the Aparima river opposite Messrs W. Hamlin and T. Molloy. The writer asked in view of the information what action the council was going to take in regard to cleaning out of the outfall. Held over for engineer to report (Otautau Standard and Wallace County Chronicle, Volume XXIV, Issue 1193, 23 October 1928, Page 6).
Wallace County Council. ? Engineer's Report. Since last meeting the weather has been excellent for road work, but very little progress has been made in connection with last years uncompleted works. Some of these will not now be finished this season. In connection with the letter from the Commissioner of Crown Lands re clearing creek on Messrs Wm. Hamlin's and Thos. Molloy's properties at Gummies Bush, and in which the Commissioner expresses the opinion that the willows do not interfere with the flow of the water, on 13th inst., Cr. Hopcroft and myself inspected the creek where it runs through the above-mentioned, properties, and it appeared to us that the willows do obstruct the free run of the water, especially so in that portion of the creek in Mr Molloy's property known as the lagoon, The removal of the willows from the lagoon portion of the creek would be a costly matter and probably the cheapest and most effective way to lower the water at this place would be to construct a ditch starting where the creek joins the lagoon (where section line 32/31 strikes same), thence in a south-easterly direction across and down east for about 4 
MOLLOY, Thomas Haven (I297)

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