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Genealogy of the Roe and affiliated by marriage families.


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51 8192 2nd NZEF SGT 20 BTN WILLS, Newton James (I3385)
52 9 Block I GALBRAITH, Jane (I2736)
53 A George Thomas Peter Race has been a director of Twizel Holiday Park Limited since 11 Nov 2003 (  RACE, George Thomas Peter (I76)
54 A meeting of the Country School Teachers was held at the Technical School, Invercargill, on Friday The following office bearers were elected President, Mr H. McFeely (Tuatapere) (Otautau Standard and Wallace County Chronicle, Volume IX, Issue 425, 1 July 1913, Page 4).
MCFEELY, Hugh (I2090)
55 A quote from Records of Early Riverton and District, Centenary Celebrations, Riverton N.Z., 1837-1937:
We come now to one of the originally largest of our island bushes, namely, Stevens Bush.
George Stevens, after whom the bush was named, held a large area, including much bush. He called his property Burlington. On the lower part of it Hugh Molloy and his wife resided as employees of Stevens. Their descendants are a numerous clan in various parts of Southland (page 122).
For years Hugh Molloy and his wife, who was Mrs Valli's sister, resided on the Valli farm. They had many sons and two daughters. Valli and Molloy and their sons became experts in sheepshearing operations and used to make annual trips up-country to the sheep stations. The Molloy parents and their growing young people had several changes of residence. Their descendants are very numerous, and the name Molloy is widely known in Southland (page 124) 
MOLLOY, Hugh (I394)
56 A Service will be held at John Rhind Chapel, 19 London Street, Christchurch, New Zealand on Wednesday, 21st January 2015 at 02:00 PM. MOLLOY, Noeline Beatrice (I3351)
57 Accident, NZBDM Record: 1988/33717 HARMAN, Eva Gwen (I2479)
58 Age 4 months BOWYER, James (I1015)
59 Age: 22 Family F473
60 Age: 34 SMITH, Charles Joseph Seymour (I147)
61 Agnes and Bernard were first cousins ? their mothers were sisters.  MOLLOY, Agnes Ena (I1466)
62 Agnes and Bernard were first cousins,,their mothers were sisters.  LANG, Bernard Arnold Richard (I2100)
63 Airforce during WWII Occupation MOLLOY, John Henry Campbell (I2336)
64 AKA James Howard & James Prince FREEMAN, William John (I2591)
65 Alexander Gordan Henderson brother Robert Henderson is married to Mima Evelyn Molloy, ie Catherines sister. HENDERSON, Alexander Gordon (I2150)
66 Alpha Block Row BC - East Plot 13 FAIRHALL, Alice Caroline (I1190)
67 Alpha Block Row BC - East Plot 14 FAIRHALL, Bertha Jane (I1188)
68 Alpha Block Row BC - East Plot 14 FAIRHALL, Elanor Emily (I1192)
69 Alpha Block Row D - West Plot 3 MEADS, George Edward (I3010)
70 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2683)
71 ANGLI-PLOT-884 CLELAND, Robert Baird (I2284)
72 Anglican Block: F, Row 7, Plot 10 WATERHOUSE, Ellen Bella (I3039)
73 Anglican Block: F, Row 7, Plot 10 EDWARDS, Edward Hooker (I3050)
74 Anglican Section Row N, Plot 27 KEEN, Ivy Ellen (I3344)
75 Anglican Section Row N, Plot 27 EADE, Frank Arthur (I3345)
76 Ann and her children Amelia 14, Mark aged 13, Betsy Jane aged 8, Helena aged 7, Eliza aged 4 & Martha aged 1 1/2. Sailed out of Gravesend 11 September 1841 with Edith and her children Julia aged 7, William aged 6, Edward aged 3 & Robert 9 months. They sailed on the ship "Lloyds". This voyage was to bring families out of England. The voyage was a disaster, 65 children died , due to lack of food and health standards. NEWTH, Eliza (I2941)
77 Ann was in Bluff at the time of her father?s death in 1942 (father?s obituary ? vide infra).  MOLLOY, Ann Haven (I295)
78 Area 1 Block K Lot No 73A  SCOTT, William Bramwell (I88)
79 Area 1 Block K Lot No 73B  SALTER, Mary Ann (I3)
80 Area: Church of England/Anglican, Block 05, Plot 059 WATERHOUSE, Ada Sally (I3036)
81 Area: General, Block 25A, Plot 052 HARMAN, Gwenda Mavis (I2490)
82 Area: Golden Bay Ward, Block A, Row ?, Plot 6 TUNNICLIFF, Ethel Elizabeth (I792)
83 Area: New General, Block 17, Plot 001 WEBBY, Stanley Roy (I2426)
84 Arranged through Evans Funeral Services
Ashes are buried on the family property 
ROE, Newton Bruce (I197)
85 Ashes appear to be interred with his wife Effie in Waikaraka Cemetery, Auckland SCOTT, George Edward (I22)
86 Ashes Couriered to funeral director HANNAH, Jean Catherine (I684)
87 Ashes Disposal

Taken by Fun. Director 6 Sep 1996  
WEBBY, Ruby Eileen (I2431)
88 Ashes have been put aside and are to be buried at Eastern
Cemetery in Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand with his wifes in due course.
THOMAS, Ian Arthur (I3475)
89 Ashes returned to family WHITLOCK, Ivy Alice (I803)
90 Ashes returned to family 11 Apr 1996, then interned at Hillcrest Cemetery
TUNNICLIFFE, Keith Owen (I504)
91 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I86)
92 Ashes returned to family 14 Sep 1989 ROE, Royden Guy (I252)
93 Ashes Returned to Family 27 Aug 1997 MANING, George Montague (I1946)
94 Ashes Scattered HANNAH, Lawrence Edward (I1410)
95 Ashes scattered PRIEST, Catherine Anne (I1851)
96 Ashes Scattered on Rose Garden SEABOURNE, Allan William Rufus (I1801)
97 Ashes scattered on Rose Garden TUNNICLIFF, Winifred Lily (I1148)
98 Ashes taken away TUNNICLIFF, Ivy Evelyn (I793)
99 Ashes were scattered TAYLOR, Minnie (I2679)
100 At David's death he was listed as living at Makarewa. Alice's last address was 3 Bruce Street, Invercargill (Invercargill cemetery records).  MOLLOY, David Albert (I1465)

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