Roe Family Tree

Genealogy of the Roe and affiliated by marriage families.

Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND



City/Town : Latitude: -39.6395783, Longitude: 176.83923219999997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOWYER, Terrence Sidney  20 Feb 1941Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I573
2 HANNAH, Claude Maxwell  19 Nov 1910Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I1407
3 HANNAH, Marion Florence  13 Feb 1908Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I108
4 HANNAH, Robert Stewart  20 Apr 1912Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I1408
5 HAWTHORNE, William Morrow  28 Dec 1913Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I1891
6 ROE, Daniel John  23 Sep 1871Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I209
7 ROE, Elizabeth Doris  5 Jun 1900Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I614
8 ROE, Jessie Evelyn  Abt 1893Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I112
9 ROE, Richard Norman  13 May 1903Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I616
10 ROE, Samuel James  Abt 1896Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I204
11 ROE, Sophia Ivy  18 Mar 1899Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I253
12 ROE, Thomas Herbert  7 Nov 1901Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I203
13 ROE, Thomas Strathallan  29 Aug 1894Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I775
14 TUNNICLIFFE, Noel  1 Dec 1923Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I1171


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BERNTSEN, Anna Helena  27 Sep 1943Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I2817
2 CURRIE, Margaret Annie  22 Oct 1970Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I1953
3 GREEN, Frederick Felix  15 Mar 1950Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I216
4 HANSEN, Harry Leon  22 Oct 1970Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I3135
5 HEIGHWAY, Arini Gladys Mary  18 Dec 1972Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I1174
6 HOGG, Florence Adeline Ann  22 Aug 1988Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I3158
7 MASSON, Helen Rosina  1 Feb 1959Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I1169
8 ROCHE, Frank Charles  13 Oct 1980Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I613
9 ROE, William Alfred  9 Jul 2007Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I196
10 TUNNICLIFF, Charles  10 Sep 1928Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I324
11 TUNNICLIFFE, Eric Nelson  16 Apr 1965Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I1170
12 TUNNICLIFFE, Harold Archibald  6 Jun 1959Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I864
13 TUNNICLIFFE, Maurice George  27 Jan 1983Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I1172


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MCLACHLAN, Edgar James  Oct 1972Hastings, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND I729