Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND



Latitude: 51.2703630, Longitude: 0.5226990


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASHDOWN, Annie Elizabeth  Abt 1864Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1232
2 BOWYER, Ada Gertrude  Abt 1891Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1539
3 BOWYER, Albert George  27 Nov 1908Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1355
4 BOWYER, Charlotte Francis  12 Sep 1901Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1235
5 BOWYER, Edward Roger  11 Jun 1897Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1233
6 BOWYER, Gladys M  Abt 1899Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1550
7 BOWYER, Gladys May  3 Mar 1897Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1527
8 BOWYER, Harold Richard  3 Oct 1900Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1351
9 BOWYER, Henrietta Annie Debonaire  Oct 1900Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1529
10 BOWYER, Herbert Charles  Abt 1907Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1234
11 BOWYER/ASHDOWN, Doris  Abt 1891Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1430


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASHDOWN, Annie Elizabeth  17 Jan 1942Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1232
2 BOWYER, Albert Ernest  Abt 1941Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1347
3 BOWYER, Charlotte Francis  Feb 1997Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1235
4 BOWYER, Edward  Abt 1939Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1344
5 BOWYER, Edward Roger  Sep 1971Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1233
6 BOWYER, George Harry  5 Mar 1932Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I468
7 BOWYER, Richard  9 Dec 1917Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1017
8 BOWYER, Thomas Edward  Sep 1976Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I541
9 MERCER, Annie  Jun 1979Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I542


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ASHDOWN, Annie Elizabeth  1871-1901Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1232
2 BOURNE, Louie  1891-2 Apr 1911Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1350
3 BOWYER, Ada Gertrude  1901Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1539
4 BOWYER, Ada Gertrude  2 Apr 1911Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1539
5 BOWYER, Albert Ernest  1891-1911Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1347
6 BOWYER, Edward  1901Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1344
7 BOWYER, Edward  1 Jun 1939Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1344
8 BOWYER, Edward Roger  1901Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1233
9 BOWYER, Gladys M  1901-2 Apr 1911Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1550
10 BOWYER, Gladys May  1901Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1527
11 BOWYER, Gwendoline Clarabel  2 Apr 1911Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1354
12 BOWYER, Henrietta Annie Debonaire  1901Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1529
13 BOWYER, Richard  1891-1901Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1348
14 BOWYER, Richard  1891-2 Apr 1911Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1017
15 BOWYER/ASHDOWN, Doris  1901Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1430
16 HOLDEN, Mary Ann  1851Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I526
17 STEELE, Lillian Annie  1901Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I278


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOWYER / ASHDOWN  Apr 1896Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F382
2 BOWYER / BOURNE  Jun 1897Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F414
3 BOWYER / WRIGHT  Abt 1922Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F383
4 DICKINSON / BOWYER  Abt 1888Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F475
5 HITCH / BOWYER  Abt 1892Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F476