Roe Family Tree

Genealogy of the Roe and affiliated by marriage families.

Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND



City/Town : Latitude: -46.3638811, Longitude: 168.01819449999994


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARRON, Mary Eliza Jane  13 Jun 1876Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I424
2 EVELEIGH, Rhoda  2 Oct 1876Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I405
3 MCFEELY, Margaret Haven  Mar 1881Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2088
4 MCFEELY, Mary Jane  10 Sep 1883Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2089
5 MOLLOY, Agnes Ena  16 Dec 1911Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1466
6 MOLLOY, Albert James  16 Mar 1906Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2144
7 MOLLOY, Catherine Isabella  Abt 1898Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2102
8 MOLLOY, David Albert  20 Jun 1908Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1465
9 MOLLOY, Delores Jessie  1 Feb 1905Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2101
10 MOLLOY, Eileen Winifred  17 May 1899Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I406
11 MOLLOY, Frances  12 Nov 1913Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I417
12 MOLLOY, Gladys May  22 Jan 1904Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I407
13 MOLLOY, Hugh Thomas Henry  10 Sep 1910Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1125
14 MOLLOY, Isabella Margaret  13 Dec 1907Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2103
15 MOLLOY, James  25 Feb 1899Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1092
16 MOLLOY, Joseph Thomas  31 Dec 1901Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1462
17 MOLLOY, Louisa Margaret  2 Nov 1904Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1463
18 MOLLOY, Lucy  13 Nov 1896Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I418
19 MOLLOY, William Albert  Abt 1899Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I416
20 MOLLOY, William Arthur  6 Jul 1899Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2130
21 MOLLOY, Winifred Catherine  12 Sep 1912Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I410


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARRON, Mary Eliza Jane  17 Feb 1932Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I424
2 EVELEIGH, Rhoda  27 May 1948Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I405
3 JOHNSTON, Mary Harris  24 Nov 1918Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I37
4 LAMBERT, Ethel Eusebia  22 Sep 1990Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1433
5 MCFEELY, Margaret Haven  26 May 1881Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2088
6 MOLLOY, Charles  26 Jan 1940Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I401
7 MOLLOY, Eileen Winifred  11 Jul 1906Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I406
8 MOLLOY, Frances  22 Dec 1913Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I417
9 MOLLOY, Gladys May  22 Nov 1918Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I407
10 MOLLOY, Lucy  13 Nov 1896Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I418
11 MOLLOY, Margaret Rose  26 Sep 1933Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2155
12 MOLLOY, Peter John Nelson  2 May 1939Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I87
13 MOLLOY, Thomas Henry  17 Jul 1960Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I404
14 MOLLOY, William Albert  16 Mar 1942Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I423
15 MOLLOY, Winifred Catherine  21 Jul 1923Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I410

Ashes Burial date

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Ashes Burial date    Person ID 
1 KELLAND, Nellie Lindsay  Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2152

Cause of Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cause of Death    Person ID 
1 JOHNSTON, Mary Harris  1918Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I37


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BARRON, Mary Eliza Jane  1928Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I424
2 EVELEIGH, Rhoda  1905-1914Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I405
3 EVELEIGH, Rhoda  1935Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I405
4 JOHNSTONE, Grace Ellen McKersie  1935Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2129
5 MOLLOY, Catherine Mary  1914Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1096
6 MOLLOY, Thomas Henry  1905-1914Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I404
7 MOLLOY, Thomas Henry  1935Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I404
8 MOLLOY, William Arthur  1928-1935Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2130
9 MOLLOY, William Haven  1928Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I294


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CONDON / MOLLOY  14 Nov 1875Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F656
2 McGILLIVRAY / MOLLOY  18 Mar 1913Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F329
3 MEYERS / MOLLOY  Abt 1922Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F128
4 MOLLOY / BARRON  7 Apr 1896Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F134
5 MOLLOY / KELLAND  20 Oct 1944Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F328
6 MOLLOY / PHILLIPSON  29 Jul 1920Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F333
7 MOLLOY / SHAW  22 Nov 1924Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F278
8 RACE / MOLLOY  20 Jan 1922Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F334
9 VALENTINE / MOLLOY  12 Nov 1915Riverton, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F330