Roe Family Tree

Genealogy of the Roe and affiliated by marriage families.

Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND



Latitude: -41.4252573, Longitude: 172.9982032


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GRIFFITH, Floris Hilda  8 Sep 1898Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2215
2 GRIFFITH, Henry Merton  6 Mar 1878Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2208
3 GRIFFITH, Lucy Cecelia  25 Sep 1882Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2210
4 TUNNICLIFF, Ernest Joseph Cartwright  4 May 1866Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I318
5 TUNNICLIFF, Ernest Stanley  24 Sep 1895Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I790
6 TUNNICLIFF, Leopold Guy  3 Aug 1894Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I67
7 TUNNICLIFF, Lewis Allan  31 Oct 1918Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1903
8 TUNNICLIFF, Newton Isaac  22 Apr 1896Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1898
9 TUNNICLIFF, Owen Dene  16 Jul 1874Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I502


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GRIFFITH, Leason Bruce  2 Jun 1941Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2205
2 NORRISS, William  30 Jul 1905Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I705
3 TUNNICLIFF, Thomas Walter  20 Dec 1872Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1180
4 WILKINSON, Frank Marsland  14 Apr 1951Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1893

Military Info

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Info    Person ID 
1 TUNNICLIFF, Henry Leonard  1917Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1895


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BAIGENT, Sylvia Pheobe  1957-1969Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1904
2 EDRIDGE, Edward  1911Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2199
3 HUNT, Constance Alice  1928-1972Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1899
4 NORRIS, Sarah  1896Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I321
5 SAVAGE, Rowena Catherine  1900-1938Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1883
6 TUNNICLIFF, Caroline Lucy  1896-1911Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1176
7 TUNNICLIFF, Constance Ruth  1928Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1886
8 TUNNICLIFF, Frederick William  1905-1938Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1178
9 TUNNICLIFF, Henry Leonard  1928-1946Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1895
10 TUNNICLIFF, Ivanhoe  1914Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1177
11 TUNNICLIFF, Lewis Allan  1957-1969Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1903
12 TUNNICLIFFE, Herbert Stanley  1896-1900Wai-iti, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I512