Roe Family Tree

Genealogy of the Roe and affiliated by marriage families.

Report: People with the same surname as their mother

         Description: People with a different surname as their father but the same as their mother (born after 1811, due to the Dutch system, before 1811 people used patronymics)
Mensen met een andere last_name dan hun vader geboren na 1811 (voor 1811 gebruikte men patroniemen)maar dezelfde als hun mother

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# Person ID Last Name First Name Birth Date Living Tree Family ID FatherNr Fatherlast_name MotherNr Motherlast_name
1 I1520                     
2 I846  BOWYER  Eli Johnston  6 Nov 1878  roe  F275  I223  BOUGEST  I548  BOWYER 
3 I393  BOWYER  Thomas B  Abt 1853  roe  F121  I392  BARHAM  I375  BOWYER 
4 I82                     
5 I426                     
6 I1305  NICKELS  Rose E  Abt 1887  roe  F406  I956  BOWYER  I1304  NICKELS 
7 I947                     
8 I1509