Roe Family Tree

Genealogy of the Roe and affiliated by marriage families.

Report: Media which are always visible

         Description: Media having the "always on" tag activated

Media die als "Altijd zichtbaar" zijn gemarkeerd

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# Description Mediia_type Person ID Last Name First Name Living Tree
1 AUSTIN, Amy   headstones           
2 AUSTIN, Louisa Margaret   headstones           
3 AUSTIN, Lydia   headstones           
4 BELL, Kenneth Archie   headstones           
5 BERRINGTON, John Thomas   headstones           
6 BOWYER, Baltz & Sylvia Irene   headstones           
7 BOWYER, Effie Alice (Nee Barringer)   br           
8 BOWYER, Effie May (Nee McVICKER)   br           
9 BOWYER, Elsie Jane   br           
10 BOWYER, Eunice Violet Elizabeth (Nee HARMAN)   br           
11 BOWYER, Gilbert Leroy Snr   br           
12 BOWYER, Hazel (Nee KNISELY)   br           
13 BOWYER, Herbert Ivan Stanley   br           
14 BOWYER, James Aitchison  br           
15 BOWYER, John Aitchison   br           
16 BOWYER, John Victor Marshall   br           
17 BOWYER, Leslie L   br           
18 BOWYER, Mabel Elizabeth (Nee YETTON)  br           
19 BOWYER, Mary Brown (Nee Aitchison)   br           
20 BOWYER, Mira Coleman (Nee McVICKER HILL)   br           
21 BOWYER, Robert & Effie Alice (Nee BARINGER)  headstones           
22 BOWYER, Robert Aitchison  br           
23 BOWYER, Sidney Harold Edward   cremation           
24 BOWYER, Sylvia G (Nee GORUM)   br           
25 BOWYER, Thomas 1831-1924   br           
26 BOWYER, Thomas Bannister   br           
27 BROWN, Norman Edmond  headstones           
28 BULLING, Ann Haven (Nee MOLLOY)   br           
29 BULLING, Thomas Frederick   br           
30 BURGESS, Kathleen Mavis (Nee GREEN, Nee MOLLOY)   br           
31 BURKE, Clarice Roeina (Nee SCOTT)   br           
32 CURRIE, John Bernard (Jack)   br           
33 CURRIE, William   br           
34 DENHAM, Lillie Frances (Nee WHITLOCK)   br           
35 FLETCHER, Evelyn Anna (Nee BELL)   br           
36 FRASER, Eileen Avesta (Nee ROE)   br           
37 FRASER, Thomas Rupert   br           
38 GREEN, Christina Margaret (Nee ROE)   br           
39 GREEN, Frederick Felix   br           
40 GREEN, Frederick Felix   headstones           
41 GREEN, John Stephen   br           
42 GUILD, James   br           
43 Hall, Keith Malcolm  br           
44 HANNA, Alison Elizabeth (Nee ROE)   br           
45 HANNA, John Elliot   br           
46 HANNAH, Douglas William Stitt   headstones           
47 HANNAH, Douglas William Stitt   br           
48 HANNAH, Florence Gertrude (Nee Barnes)   br           
49 HANNAH, Gilbert Ernest   br           
50 HANNAH, Kenneth Douglas  headstones           

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